Nasal Airway Management Device with Inflatable Supraglottic Laryngeal Cuff

An airway management device such as, for example, an nasal airway management device with inflatable supraglottic laryngeal cuff is provided. The airway management device includes an airway tube, an inflatable cuff, and an inflation passage. The airway tube defines a lumen extending between a proximal end and a distal end. At least the distal end of the airway tube is configured to be inserted through a patient's nasopharyngeal passageway. The inflatable cuff is attached at or near the distal end of the airway tube and defines an opening fluidly coupled with the lumen of the airway tube. The inflation passage may extend along the airway tube and may be coupled to the inflatable cuff to allow inflation and deflation thereof. When in a deflated state the inflatable cuff may be inserted through the patient's nasopharyngeal passageway. When in an inflated state the inflatable cuff may expand to form a seal around the patient's supraglottic laryngeal inlet. A method for utilizing the airway management device to manage a patient's airway may also be provided.

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