Vertebral Body Reduction Instrument and Methods Related Thereto

Featured is a reduction instrument being configured and arranged to allow correction of vertebral translation and applying distraction across a segment in an independent fashion. Such a reduction instrument embodies one or more identical modules that are configured as needed for correcting the deformity. In more particular embodiments, each of the one or more modules has two degrees of freedom (DOF) with uncoupled orthogonal translations. Such a reduction instrument allows the reorientation of the vertebral segment as needed via uncoupled orthogonal translations. Such a reduction instrument also is usable in combination with a plurality of vertebral anchors, such vertebral anchors being any such vertebral anchors as are know to those skilled in the art (e.g., conventional spinal pedicle screw instrumentation) or hereinafter developed so as to form a spinal implant system. Also featured are treatment methods utilizing such a reduction instrument.

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US 20,100,274,252


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