A Novel in Vitro Hiv-1 Latency Model for Screening Reactivation Agents of Hiv-1

In one aspect, the present invention provides an isolated Bcl-2-transduced cell that comprises, integrated into the genome of the cell, a transcription-competent immunodeficiency virus or a transcription-competent immunodeficiency virus-based retroviral vector. Under basal in vitro culture conditions, the immunodeficiency virus is latent, and the expression of the latent immunodeficiency virus can be reactivated. The present invention further provides screening methods for identifying agents capable of reactivating latent immunodeficiency virus or blocking the reactivation of latent immunodeficiency virus. In another aspect, the present invention provides such identified agents and methods for treating subject having an immunodeficiency virus infection.

WO 2,010,099,169


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