Optical Detection and Monitoring of Cancer Using a Protein Biomarker

A method of detecting and staging pre-invasive and invasive cervical cancer is disclosed. A cervical tissue is illuminated in vivo with an incident light. Spectral emissions from the cervical tissue are measured at first and second emission wavelengths, with at least one emission wavelength being where PDIP38 is known to autofluoresce. The measured spectral emissions may be processed by subtracting known emissions from one or more non-PDIP38 targets from the spectral emissions. An emissions ratio between spectral emissions at first and second emission wavelengths is determined. The emissions ratio is correlated to a pre-invasive or invasive cervical cancer stage based on a knowledge of PDIP38 which mitigates DNA damage by one or more viral oncoproteins which can cause the cervical cancer.

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US 2,009,108,604


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