Systems for and Methods of Assessing Urinary Flow Rate Via Sound Analysis

Systems for and methods of assessing urinary flow rate via sound analysis. Embodiments of the uroflow measurement systems include a computer and a telephone or a digital recording mechanism to capture the sound of one or more urination events, which are stored as audio files in a database. The uroflow measurement systems may include sound analysis software for analyzing the strength and duration of each urination event and may include a web-based uroflow software application for viewing the results via the Internet or other network. In one embodiment, the sound analysis software performs the steps of reading in the raw data of a selected audio file, generating a plot of the audio signal amplitude vs. time, generating a plot of smoothed data for the purpose of presenting an outline of the flow, generating a main flow plot, which is a plot of the largest continuous flow that has a strength that is greater than a predetermined minimum, and generating a set of numerical values that correspond to the strength and duration of urination.

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