Methods for Identifying Nucleotide Ligands

Methods of identifying associations between nucleotide ligands and target molecules include amplifying a pool of non-random oligonucleotides to form libraries of oligonucleotides, contacting the library with a target molecule and separating the non-random oligonucleotides that associate with the target molecule from the non-random oligonucleotides. Methods of identifying a variant of an allele that binds a target molecule can include contacting at least one target molecule with a first and second library of non-random oligonucleotides and comparing the binding of the target molecule with the first and second library. Methods can further include determining a difference in binding affinity of a first nucleotide ligand and a second nucleotide ligand and determining a binding affinity of a target molecule for a nucleotide ligand.

WO 2,009,078,939


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