Isolation of five novel genes coding for new Fc receptors-type melanoma involved in the pathogenesis of lymphoma/melanoma

This invention provides an isolated nucleic acid molecule which encodes immunoglobulin receptor, Immunoglobulin superfamily Receptor Translocation Associated, IRTA, protein. Provided too, are the IRTA proteins encoded by the isolated nucleic acid molecules, IRTA1, IRTA2, IRTA3, IRTA4 or IRTA5 proteins, having the amino acid sequences set forth in any of Figures 18A , 18B-1-18B-3 , 18C-1-18C-2 , 18D-1-18D-2 or 18E-1-18E-2 . Oligonucleotides of the isolated nucleic acid molecules are provided. Antibodies directed to an epitope of a purified IRTA1, IRTA2, IRTA3, IRTA4 or IRTA5 proteins are also provided, as are pharmaceutical compositions comprising such antibodies or oligonucleotides. Methods for detecting a B cell malignancy in a sample from a subject; diagnosing B cell malignancy in a sample from a subject; detecting human IRTA protein in a sample; and treating a subject having a B cell cancer are also provided.

EP 2,316,843


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