Dental Diagnostic and Dental Restoration Methods, Systems, Apparatuses, and Devices

Devices, methods, and systems for the design, fabrication, modification, and implantation of dental prostheses. An implant is created that has a shape closely or precisely conforming to the natural shape of a modified or unmodified tooth socket. The implant is used to anchor any of a variety of dental restorations or other substitute devices to bone. Further, methods, systems, and apparatuses for taking radiographs at specific, standard, and/or reproducible angles. A first radiograph is taken, using an aiming apparatus, with the aiming direction forming a first angle with the normal to an image plane of an image receptor. At least one additional radiograph is taken, using the aiming apparatus, at a different aiming direction from the first direction. Radiographs taken with the multiple aiming angles are used to create a three-dimensional image of an object represented by the radiographs.

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WO 2,011,041,530


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