In situ Plating and Soldering of Materials Covered with a Surface Film

The disclosed subject matter provides systems and methods for etching and/or metal plating of substrate materials. An exemplary method in accordance with the disclosed subject matter for metal-plating or etching a substrate includes submerging portions of the substrate in a first bath of chemical solution, performing in-situ laser ablation of the substrate to achieve an immersion plated pattern with a first cation, plating-up the immersion plated pattern with the first cation in the first bath, and plating-up the immersion plated pattern with a second cation in a second bath. The same or another exemplary method can utilize a reel-to-reel system. The plating-up can begin after patterning by immersion plating is complete. Further, a single plating pattern can be used to define a pattern and the same bath can be used to plate the immersion pattern, thereby achieving a uniform thickness of the pattern.

US 20,110,042,201


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