Systems, Methods and Computer-accessible Media for Hyperspectral Excitation-resolved Fluorescence Tomography

An exemplary method, system, and computer-accessible medium can be provided for generating three-dimensional image information associated with a fluorescence-exhibiting arrangement within a sample. For example, it is possible to generate a first electro-magnetic radiation, to be received in the sample, at one or more wavelengths that are associated with one or more wavelengths of emission of the fluorescence-exhibiting arrangement. In addition, it is possible to generate a second electro-magnetic radiation from the sample which is caused by the fluorescence-exhibiting arrangement in response to the first electro-magnetic radiation, and generate data associated with the second electro-magnetic radiation. Then, it is possible to receive the data, and generate three-dimensional information based on the data.

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WO 2,010,102,164


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