Antenna with Multiple Co-located Elements with Low Mutual Coupling for Multi-channel Wireless Communication

An antenna that has a number of co-located elements, with no (or very small) coupling between the various elements. The antenna may comprise one or more electric dipole elements, such as an electric tripole, co-located with one or more magnetic dipole elements, such as a magnetic tripole. The antenna has the property that although all of the electric and magnetic dipole elements are co-located, there is substantially no coupling between the elements. Some of the antenna elements may operate as transmitters and the others may act as receivers. The antenna elements may be tuned to different frequencies. The antenna may comprise less than six antenna elements. Also disclosed are example devices and systems that may utilize the antenna structure, such as a handheld wireless communication device and an access point of a HVAC wireless communication system.

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US 20,090,174,614

Inventor(s): STANCIL DANIEL D [US]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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