Linked Peptide Fluorogenic Biosensors

Biosensors, compositions comprising biosensors, methods of producing biosensors, and methods of using biosensors are disclosed. The biosensors comprise a fluorogen- activating peptide and a blocking peptide. The fluorogen-activating peptide and blocking peptide are covalently linked through a peptide linker. The blocking peptide associates with the fluorogen-activating peptide thereby blocking an active domain of the fluorogen- activating peptide when the linker is in an unmodified state. The peptide linker may contain an amino acid sequence that is specifically recognized as a modification substrate by a cognate enzyme. The fluorogen-activating peptide and the blocking peptide at least partially disassociate when the linker is modified by an enzyme, thereby allowing the fluorogen- activating peptide to bind a cognate fluorogen and modulate a fluorescence signal.

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WO 2,009,079,212

Inventor(s): BERGET PETER B [US]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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