Method and System for Determining an Auditory Pattern of an Audio Segment

method and apparatus for determining an auditory pattern associated with an audio segment. An average intensity at each of a first plurality of detector locations on an auditory scale based at least in part on a first plurality of frequency components that describe a signal is determined. A plurality of tonal bands in the audio segment, wherein each tonal band comprises a particular range of detector locations of the first plurality of detector locations is determined. Corresponding strongest frequency components in the tonal bands are determined. A plurality of non-tonal bands is determined, and each non-tonal band is subdivided into multiple sub-bands. Corresponding combined frequency components that are representative of a combined sum of intensities of the first plurality of frequency components that is in a corresponding sub-band are determined. An auditory based on the corresponding strongest frequency components and the corresponding combined frequency components is determined.

US 20,110,150,229


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