Systems, and Methods for Neurostimulation and Neurotelemetry Using Semiconductor Diode Systems

Methods and systems for neurostimulation and/or neurotelemetry of electrically-excitable biological tissue. Embodiments include implanting single or multiple semiconductor diodes and applying a high frequency electrical volume current. Neurostimulation embodiments include local rectification of the volume current by the diode, which can provide a pulsating electrical waveform capable of locally stimulating neural tissue, hi neurotelemetry embodiments, semiconductor diodes can be placed in contact with excitable tissue and a low level electrical carrier wave can be passed through the tissue and implanted diode whereby low level tissue bioelectric events intermodulate with the carrier wave and encode bioelectrical effects.; Remote detection and amplitude demodulation of the volume-conducted carrier wave can allow recovery of the bioelectrical waveform and provide a neurotelemetry function, hi other embodiments, implanted diodes are placed in series with a pressure switch or piezoelectric material which enables their function only with the focal application of an acoustic pressure wave. This enables a selectivity amongst multiple diode channels by acoustic wave focusing or alternately by a process of range-gating of a surface applied electrical current to the arrival time of an acoustic wave at a particular device.

WO 2,010,135,634

Inventor(s): TOWE BRUCE C [US]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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