Methods and compositions for preparing Ge/Si semiconductor substrates

The present disclosure describes methods for preparing semiconductor structures, comprising forming a Ge layer on a semiconductor substrate using an admixture of (a) (GeH3)2CH2 and Ge2H6; (b) GeH3CH3 and Ge2H6; or (c) (GeH3)2CH2, GeH3CH3 and Ge2H6, wherein in all cases, Ge2H6 is in excess. The disclosure further provides semiconductor structures formed according to the methods of the invention as well as compositions comprising an admixture of (GeH3)2CH2 and/or GeH3CH3 and Ge2H6 in a ratio of between about 1:5 and 1:30. The methods herein provide, and the semiconductor structures provide, Ge layers formed on semiconductor substrates having threading dislocation density below 105/cm2 which can be useful in semiconductor devices.

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