Triarylmethane Analogs and their Use in Treating Cancers

Compounds, pharmaceutical compositions including the compounds, and methods of preparation and use thereof are disclosed. The compounds are triphenyl methane analogs. The compounds and compositions can be used to treat and/or prevent a wide variety of cancers, including drug resistant cancers, inflammatory, degenerative and vascular diseases, including various ocular diseases, and parasitic infections. Representative triphenyl methane analogs include triphenyl methane analogues of various dyes, hormones, sugars, peptides, oligonucleotides, amino acids, nucleotides, nucleosides, and polyols. The compounds are believed to function by inhibiting tNOX expression, the effects of ROS, and/or the production of HIF2. Thus, the compounds are novel therapeutic agents for a variety of cancers and other diseases.

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US 20,100,189,762

Inventor(s): ARBISER JACK L [US]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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