High Lift Mower for Plastic Mulch

A high-lift mower is disclosed. The mower includes a frame, at least two wheels disposed along opposite sides of the frame and having a space between them, and a blade rotation mechanism, mounted to the frame, for providing a rotational force relative to the frame. A blade assembly is coupled to the blade rotation means. The blade assembly comprises a plurality of cutting blades. Each of the plurality of blades includes a front face having a cutting blade and a rear face disposed away from the front face. The rear face has a lift portion. A roller assembly is adjustably coupled to the frame for, upon engagement with a surface located in the space between the pair of wheels, maintaining the blade assembly a predetermined distance above the surface. A blade assembly and a roller assembly for use with the high-lift mower are also disclosed.

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US 20,090,277,149

Inventor(s): ADKINS JAMES R [US]

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