Electromagnetic Detection Apparatus and Methods

Systems and methods for detecting electromagnetic waves are disclosed. A system for detecting such waves includes a device having a first magnetic layer having a fixed magnetization direction, a second magnetic layer having an unfixed magnetization direction responsive to the electromagnetic wave, and a barrier layer positioned between the first and second magnetic layers. The device may have an impedance dependent on a relative angle between the fixed magnetization direction and the unfixed magnetization direction. The system further has a detector configured to detect a change in the impedance indicative of the electromagnetic wave. The electromagnetic wave may be detected by positioning the device in order to detect the electromagnetic wave, determining a change in the impedance of the device, and detecting the electromagnetic wave based on the change in the impedance of the device. Characteristics of the wave such as frequency, power, and phase may also be detected.

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US 20,100,289,490

Inventor(s): FAN XIN [US]; XIAO JOHN Q [US]

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