Shear thickening fluid containtment in polymer composites

Shear thickening fluid suspoemulsions are shown to exhibit unique material properties that have potential application in a broad range of fields of use. Suspoemulsions containing shear thickening fluids as immiscible blends exhibit a nontrivial shear thickening response for volume fractions as low as 10% of STF in the silicone emulsion. Measurements indicate that the system shows phase inversion and it is even possible to form materials with a cocontinuous microstructure with interesting, hysteretic, shear sensitive behavior. Novel STF containing composites with rubbers are formed by blending the shear thickening fluid within the rubber precursors and then adding the catalyzing agent. It was possible to contain STF in each of the silicones tested and the rubbers exhibited different behavior with incased STF. Shear thickening fluid was added to open cell polyurethane to create a Foam-STF composite which was found to exhibit an significant shear thickening response. Finally, STF composites were also formed by polymer blending, leading to materials with unique and superior performance as a consequence of the STF content and multiphase microstructure.

EP 2,324,910


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