Lidar-Assisted Stero Imager

A lidar and one or more electro-optical (EO) imaging device may asynchronously acquire lidar shots and EO images. Navigation data comprising positioning, orientation, acceleration, and/or velocity information may be acquired as the lidar and EO data is captured. The lidar shots, EO images, and/or navigation data may be time stamped. The navigation and timing data may be used to associate a particular lidar shot and/or EO image with navigation data. The EO images may be captured at a higher capture rate and at a higher spatial resolution than the lidar shots. The navigation data may be used to cross correlate a lidar shot to a selected plurality of overlapping EO images. Ranging model information may be determined from EO image sequences using a stereo imaging technique. The stereo imaging technique may be seeded using the lidar shot data.

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US 20,100,204,974


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