Method for the Production of Bacterially Synthesized Cellulose and Cellulose-containing Material in a Planar Form

The invention relates to a method for producing bacterially synthesized cellulose and cellulose-containing material in a planar form. The aim of the invention is to devise a universally usable method that is suitable for large-scale production and allows homogeneous, planar bacterially synthesized cellulose and cellulose-containing materials to be efficiently produced at any defined length and thickness, regardless of the reactor geometry. Said aim is achieved by removing the bacterial cellulose (5) synthesized in the culture vessel (1) in a continuous fashion or step by step from the culture vessel (1) as an endless planar "cellulose web" comprising the completely cultivated cellulose. The part of the "web" containing the cellulose that has not been completely cultivated yet remains in the culture vessel until the cellulose has reached the desired thickness. After being removed from the culture vessel at the desired length, the endless "web" is cut into portions.

WO 2,010,028,632

Inventor(s): KRALISCH, Dana; (DE). HEßLER, Nadine; (DE). KLEMM, Dieter; (DE).

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