Augmented Vehicle Location System

A system comprises a mobile vehicle, a global positioning system (GPS) based vehicle position and heading system, at least one two-dimensional (2D) velocity sensor, a yaw rate system, and a vehicle position and heading estimator. The GPS based vehicle position and heading system is supported on the vehicle and measures global easting and global northing (measured position) of the vehicle, and determines a heading (measured heading) of the vehicle. The 2D velocity sensor measures the velocity of the vehicle with respect to the ground, over which the vehicle travels, in two orthogonal directions (measured velocity). The yaw rate system is supported on the vehicle and measures a yaw rate of the vehicle (yaw rate measurement). The vehicle position and heading estimator comprises at least one processor that computes a position of the vehicle (estimated position) and a heading of the vehicle (estimated heading) based on the measured position, the measured heading, the measured velocity and the yaw rate measurement.

US 20,110,153,266


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