Percutaneous Thrombolytic Reinfusion Device

Blood clots, such as thrombi (localized clots) and emboli (clots which have moved through the bloodstream), can pose serious health risks, including stroke, breathing difficulty, other attendant health concerns and death. As such, a safe and effective method of removing such clots is highly desirable. Researchers at Indiana University have developed a treatment system (device) and method of removing such blood clots, with re-infusion of clot-free blood back into the patient, resulting in minimal blood loss. This percutaneous thrombolytic reinfusion system utilizes one of a number of possible catheters, a filtration device, a suction source, and a specific blood reinfuser.

* Minimum Blood loss

US 6,719,717

Inventor(s): Matthew S. Johnson, M.D.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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