Cell's bioactive protein production determining method, involves bonding catch antibody to beads, and analyzing spatial catch-antibody/protein/detection antibody-structures of beads for evaluating pro

The method involves bonding a catch antibody to beads e.g. Dynabeads(RTM: Superparamagnetic, monosized polymer particles). The beads are mixed with a suspension of cells in an analysis container. The beads are separated from the cell by action of a magnetic field, and brought in contact with a detection antibody for marking proteins. The spatial catch antibody/protein/detection antibody-structures of the beads are analyzed for evaluating protein in a flow cytometer, where the beads are made of polystyrene that is provided with super paramagnetic material such as iron oxide. An independent claim is also included for an application kit for determining production bioactive protein of a cell comprising a polymerase chain reaction chamber.

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DE 102,008,014,883


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