Nanoconjugates and Nanoconjugate Formulations

The invention provides a drug-polymer nanoconjugate that includes a drug covalently bonded to a polymer. The nanoconjugate can include a block copolymer coating and/or an albumin coating. The drug of the drug-polymer nanoconjugate can be one or more of a variety of therapeutic agents linked to the polymer through ether or thioether linkages formed from hydroxyl or thiol groups of the drug. The albumin coating can substantially or completely retard or prevent aggregation of the nanoconjugates in solid form or in solution. The invention further provides compositions that include a plurality of drug-polymer nanoconjugates, as well as methods for using the drug-polymer nanoconjugates, such as in therapeutic or diagnostic applications.

WO 2,011,079,279


Type of Offer: Licensing

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