Sensor, Methods of Calibrating a Sensor, Methods of Operating a Sensor

A scour sensor and method of detecting scour in the bed of a body of water as well as a sensor and method for determining the subgrade modulus of a subgrade are provided. The scour sensor includes an elongated rod that can be driven into the bed of a body of water such that a portion of the rod is cantilevered from the bed into the water. The rod has a known dynamic characteristic that is variable depending on the amount of the rod that is embedded in the subgrade. In one implementation, the known characteristic is the natural frequency of the rod. The scour sensor further includes a sensor element for monitoring a dynamic characteristic of the rod. Methods of using and calibrating a scour sensor are also provided. Further, the sensor may be used to determine a subgrade modulus of the subgrade.

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WO 2,010,080,993


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