Live/dead Viral Load Assay

The present invention provides viral load assays, kits and methods able to distinguish between active and inactive viruses in a sample. Current diagnostic methods for analyzing the presence of viruses in a clinical sample, or the effects of an anti-viral treatment or a microbicide can only report the total amount of viruses and cannot distinguish between "live" and "dead" viruses. Using current viral load assays, the results would include dead viruses that are non-infective. Present methods are therefore not suitable for evaluating the effect of anti-viral therapies, such as highly active anti-retroviral therapy (HAART) or microbicides. In response, the present invention introduces a viral load assay that provides information on the levels of both live and dead viruses. Also provided are methods of amplifying viral detection after the live and dead viruses have been separated.

WO 2,010,048,503


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