Method of Production of RNA Polymerase Protein

The invention relates to the production of protein 2a that can copy, in vitro, any RNA. The invention provides a method for obtaining a stable RNA polymerase enzyme by expressing protein 2a in cells, pelleting the cells expressing protein 2a, macerating the cells expressing protein 2a to obtain a cell lysate, and filtering the cell lysate through an affinity resin.

Potential commercial uses and users:
In molecular biology during lab work. In vivo.

This is the first RNA-dependent RNA polymerase that has been stably produced on a large scale for possible commercial purposes with the ability to copy in vitro any RNA. The enzyme copies directly any RNA to a complementary strand and can utilize primers so the initiation site could be custom-addressed.

Inventor(s): Jozef J. Bujarski

Type of Offer: Licensing

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