Microelectromechanical Device and System

A microelectromechanical device for electromechanical testing a specimen having a nano-scale dimension is formed on a multi- layered semiconductor substrate (chip) and includes an electrothermal or electrostatic actuator for applying a displacement load (force) to the specimen, a load sensor for sensing the load (force) experienced by the specimen. The specimen is disposed between first and second movable shuttles of the actuator and load sensor, which shuttles comprise electrically insulating layers so as to electrically isolate the shuttles and specimen from the actuator and the load sensor on the substrate. A four-terminal Kelvin array is provided to provide specimen electrical characterization measurements and includes first and second outer terminals connected to a current source and to opposite end locations of the specimen and first and second inner terminals connected to a high input impedance voltage meter and to the specimen at other locations between the first and second outer terminals.

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WO 2,011,053,346


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