Holding Device, Bite Element and System for Intraoral Radiography

The invention relates to a bite element, a holding device, a method, a computer program product and a system for creating and/or processing intraoral shadow images, in particular X-ray images. To this end, a holding device comprises a device base which is designed to define a determined or determinable position of a projection surface, in particular a planar projection surface, of a radiation detector relative to a radiation source; and a bite element which is located at the device base so as to be rotated about a base rotation axis, said element comprising a shadow reference element such that the shadow reference element does not have a continuous rotation symmetry with respect to an axis parallel to the base rotation axis. This results in a distortion of the shadow of the shadow reference element in a shadow image, depending on an image angle during imaging. This also allows for taking potential distortions of the region to be examined (such as tooth) on the shadow image due to an inclined image angle to be taken into account solely based upon the evaluation of the shadow image, without requiring an explicit measurement of the image angle during imaging.

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WO 2,010,118,895


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