Proximal Radius Locking Plate

The invention provides a proximal radius locking plate having a body comprising an elongate shaft portion and a head portion. The plate may have a gentle S-shape and a proximal twist. The shaft portion is adapted for receiving bone screws to fix the bone plate to a shaft of the radius. The head portion includes a first head section and a second head section. The first and second head sections extend laterally away from a longitudinal axis of the shaft portion in generally opposite directions, generally forming a T-shape. The first and second head sections are configured and arranged to secure a plurality of bone screws divergently implanted in the head of proximal radius. The shaft portion is thinner proximally in order to preserve the biceps tendon.; Moreover, the plate of the present invention can be used as a guide in reducing the fracture prior to fixation since the plate has a precontoured shape matching the shape of an unfractured proximal radius.

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WO 2,010,117,921


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