Recombinant Double-Stranded RNA Phage, and Use of the Same

A recombinant double stranded RNA (dsRNA) phage expresses dsRNA-encoded genes in eukaryote cells. Recombinant dsRNA phage are useful for the expression of dsRNA expression cassettes encoding passenger genes, such as, but not restricted to, vaccine antigens, bioactive proteins, immunoregulatory proteins, antisense RNAs, and catalytic RNAs in eukaryotic cells or tissues. Methods are provided to deliver recombinant dsRNA phage to eukaryotic cells and tissues, either by direct administration, formulated in lipid or polylactide-coglycolide, or by utilizing a bacterial vaccine vector.

US 20,090,305,398

Inventor(s): HONE DAVID [US]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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