Deuterium Isobaric Tag Reagents for Quantitative Analysis

Deuterium isobaric tag reagents are provided for the quantitation of biomolecules, where the reagents contain heavy isotope atoms, including one or more 2H in each reagent. Generally, the reagents are described by the formula: reporter group - balancer group - reactive group, wherein the reporter group and the balancer group are linked by an MS/MS scissionable bond. Each of the reporter group and balancer groups independently contain 0 to 9 heavy isotope atoms selected from 13C, 15N and 2H and the total number of 2H atoms in each reagent is 1 to 6. The mass of the reporter group is from 114-123 Daltons. Exemplary deuterium isobaric tag reagents include DiART, DiART-t-I, DiART-t-Br and DiART-t-M. Also provided are compositions containing more than one deuterium isobaric tag reagent and methods for making and using deuterium isobaric tag reagents.

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