Device and Method for Stimulating Nerves By Way of Magnetic Field Pulses

The invention relates to a device for generating brief, strong current pulses in a coil, wherein the coil generates magnetic field pulses with a duration of 20 to 3000 microseconds and a strength of 0.1 to 5 tesla, which cause electric stimulation currents in the body tissue according to the principle of electromagnetic induction for stimulating nerve and/or muscle cells, wherein the device comprises at least one capacitor for storing and dispensing the energy required for the field pulses and a suitable charge circuit for charging said capacitor, and the coil is designed such, and it can be positioned close enough to the body tissue to be stimulated such, that within the intended target region the magnetic field generated by the coil drops at maximum to one tenth of the strength at the coil surface, and wherein the electric stimulation currents generated by the magnetic field of the coil are at least one tenth and at maximum one fifth of the stimulation currents required for stimulating the cells. The device in the coil can generate a current pulse, the time curve of which is shaped such that the coil induces an electric field, wherein the mean edge steepness of rising edges differs from the mean edge steepness of falling edges.

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WO 2,010,139,376


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