Aerodynamic Body and Carrier Wing Comprising an Aerodynamic Body, Actuating Drive Control Module, Computer, Computer Program, and Method for Influencing Post-turbulences

The invention relates to an aerodynamic body for applying to a carrier wing on which at least two flow flaps adjacently arranged in the longitudinal direction of the aerodynamic body are mounted, to a carrier wing comprising a main carrier wing and the at least one additional aerodynamic body, and to a computer comprising an actuating drive control module which generates time-variable command signals for actuating drives. The actuating drive control module has a function which, when activated, generates at least two oscillatory command signals on each actuator drive, said signals being in opposition of phase.; The invention also relates to a computer program for implementing in a computer with an actuating drive control module, to a method for influencing command signals for an actuating drive system, and to combinations of such a computer with an actuating drive control module, a carrier wing, and at least one actuating drive.

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EP 2,064,116


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