Device for the Continuous Annular Electrochromatography

An annular gap apparatus (110) for performing a capillary electrochromatography is disclosed. The annular gap apparatus (110) has at least one separator (112) with at least one fixed annular gap (114), wherein the annular gap (114) is at least partially filled with at least one stationary phase (204) and can be filled with at least one electrolyte (136). The annular gap apparatus (110) has at least one feeding system (138) for feeding a starting substance (140) into the annular gap (114). The annular gap apparatus (110) further has a discharge system (162) for collecting at least one component (168) of the starting substance (140) and/or the electrolyte (136) separated in the separator (112). The feeding system (138) is designed to rotate around an axis (144) of the separator (112). The annular gap apparatus (110) is further designed to impinge the annular gap (114) with an electric field with at least one axial component.

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WO 2,010,105,841

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