Cancer Treatment Using Natriuretic Peptides

The present invention includes a method of utilizing four peptide hormones to inhibit the growth of cancer(s). A dramatic decrease in the number of human pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells (i.e., the type of cancer with the highest mortality, with patients only surviving four months) was observed responsive to treatment. The application of the invention would be to utilize one or more of these peptide hormones alone and/or in combination to treat cancer. The ability of these peptide hormones to decrease the number of adenocarcinoma cells has implications for adenocarcinomas at other sites in the body with the majority of cancers of the breast, colon and prostate also being adenocarcinomas. Adenocarcinomas also occur in the lung and other tissues. Treatment of a wide variety of cancers in addition to adenocarcinomas is anticipated by the present invention.

US 20,110,039,777

Inventor(s): VESELY DAVID L [US]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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