Molecular Fan

This invention provides a heat dissipation structure for use in optoelectronic devices. More specifically, this technology is an innovative heat dissipation thick/thin organic-inorganic coating containing active molecularly functionalized vibrational lattice modes designed to act as a molecular cooling fan. The molecular fan is powered directly from the heat generated by the device it is cooling, so it is a powerless heat sink with a spaceless nanoassembly. The "molecular fan" is used to enhance emissivity and radiative cooling of surfaces that are processed in a coated heat-sink or substrate and in tests has lowered the equilibrium temperature of optoelectronic components by 5-12 degrees centigrade.

Potential commercial uses and users:
A thermal cooling device for CPUs, computers, cell phones, LEDs, refrigerators, engines and aerospace applications.

In the powerless and spaceless molecular fan for nano or micro electronic devices, the vibrating part of the molecule effectively releases the heat via radiative/nonradiative processes, greatly reducing or eliminating the need for cooling by convection and mechanical fans.

Inventor(s): C.T. Lin

Type of Offer: Licensing

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