Apparatus for Occipito-cervical Fixation Enabling Supplemental Occipital Bone Fixation

An apparatus for stabilization of a patient's head relative to the patient's neck joint includes an occi-cervical base member having a "C '-shaped central part and first and second attachment rods respectively connected to and extending transversely from free ends of the central part. An occiput attachment has a first end slideably engaged to the central part and a flat, straight second end that extends radially outwardly relative to the first end. First and second polyaxial screw heads are adapted to be implanted in first and second occipital condyles of a patient, respectively. The first and second polyaxial screw heads are adapted to engage first and second stabilizing rods, respectively, that are placed in-line with the cervical spine of a patient and to engage the first and second attachment rods, respectively.

US 9,226,776 issued 2016-01-05   [MORE INFO]
US 8,568,459 issued 2013-10-29   [MORE INFO]


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