Integrated Droplet Actuator for Gel Electrophoresis and Molecular Analysis

The invention is directed to a droplet actuator device and methods for integrating gel electrophoresis analysis with pre or post-analytical sample handling as well as other molecular analysis processes. Using digital microfluidics technology, the droplet actuator device and methods of the invention provide the ability to perform gel electrophoresis and liquid handling operations on a single integrated device. The integrated liquid handling operations may be used to prepare and deliver samples to the electrophoresis gel, capture and subsequently process products of the electrophoresis gel or perform additional assays on the same sample materials which are analyzed by gel electrophoresis. In one embodiment, one or more molecular assays, such as nucleic acid (e.g., DNA) quantification by real-time PCR, and one or more sample processing operations such as sample dilution is performed on a droplet actuator integrated with an electrophoresis gel. In one embodiment, an electrophoresis gel may be integrated on the top substrate of the droplet actuator.

WO 2,011,057,197


Type of Offer: Licensing

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