Transmission Device for Generating an Analog Modulated Pulse Train and for Transmitting the Same and a Receiving Device for Receiving a Respective Signal

The present invention relates to a transmission device and to a receiving device. In particular, the invention relates to a transmission device for generating an analog modulated pulse train and for transmitting the same, comprising an pulse generator (1), by means of which a pulse train can be generated using an individual pulse form such that the pulse train falls within the frequency range in a predefined frequency band and/or in a predefined frequency mask, to a modulation unit (2), which is connected to the pulse generator, for the analog modulation of a pulse train generated and/or to be generated via the pulse generator, said modulation done using a predefined modulation scheme with regard to the amplitude of said pulse train and/or to the position of the individual pulses thereof, and to a transmission unit (3), in particular an antenna for transmitting, particularly for radiating, the analog modulated pulse train, that is connected to the pulse generator and/or to the modulation unit, said transmission unit being suitable for transmitting within the predefined frequency band and/or within the frequency range of the predefined frequency mask.

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WO 2,010,040,519


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