Repositioning Device for the Handling of Distal Radius Fractures By Means of a T-shaped Osteosynthesis Plate

The invention relates to a repositioning device for the handling of distal radius fractures by means of a T-shaped osteosynthesis plate, comprising a long leg and a short leg, disposed in a T-shaped and angular manner in relation to said long leg, wherein the short, distal leg has a face that comes into contact with the distal fracture fragment and a number of openings for bone screws and the long, proximal leg is intended for making contact with the proximal bone near the body.; To improve the repositioning device in such a way that the required tilting of the articulated face in the palmar direction of the osteosynthesis plate used can be carried out in an angularly faithful manner, the lower face (14) of the long, proximal leg (13) of the T-shaped plate (7) that is facing the proximal bone or radial shaft (11) is provided with a spacer (15), in order to keep the long leg (13) at a certain angle (?) in relation to the proximal bone (11) near the body.

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WO 2,010,149,702


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