Radial Plain Bearing with Optional Hydrostatic And/or Hydrodynamic Function

The invention relates to a radial plain bearing that comprises a shaft (1), a bearing shell (2) having a cylindrical sliding surface (15) in each case, several lubrication pockets (3) distributed over the circumference, to a device for hydrostatically supplying lubricant, and to a device for hydrodynamically supplying lubricant. The device for hydrostatically supplying lubricant is connected to each lubrication pocket (3). The device for hydrodynamically supplying lubricant is connected to at least one lubrication pocket (3). Furthermore, a control device is provided, which switches on the hydrostatic and/or the hydrodynamic lubricating device according to selected operating states of the bearing, in particular according to the rotational speed. The lubrication pockets (3) have in particular a linear shape, wherein at least one check valve (4) is arranged directly before each lubrication pocket (3), with which check valve a backflow of lubricant to the lubricating devices is prevented. The cross-sections of the lubrication pockets (3) and of the feed lines from the check valve (4) to the lubrication pockets (3) are dimensioned so small that the volume of said spaces is minimal while the flow resistance is reasonable, wherein the lubricating devices are separated from each in particular by check valves (4) so that the lubricant does not flow back from either of said devices through the other device.

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WO 2,010,103,100

Inventor(s): WEGMANN ROLAND [DE]

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