RF Controlled Devices to Increase Compliance with Handwashing Protocols

A system for monitoring compliance with handwashing protocols by a plurality of workers, each worker carrying a wireless tag having a worker identifier, the monitoring being performed in a facility having a plurality of areas, the system comprising a plurality of wireless tag reader/transmitters each having an area identifier, at least one wireless tag reader/transmitter being positioned in each of the areas and each wireless tag reader/transmitter being capable of reading the worker identifier stored in the wireless tag when the worker is within range of the wireless tag reader/transmitter and further capable of transmitting the worker and area identifiers to at least one computing device; and at least one of said wireless tag reader/transmitters being disposed at a handwashing station; ; wherein the at least one wireless tag reader/transmitter reads the worker identifier when the worker manipulates a device at the handwashing station dispensing a washing substance and transmits the worker and area identifiers to the at least one computing device.

US 20,090,237,254   [MORE INFO]


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