Mobile Remote Control of a Shared Media Resource

Systems and methods for controlling a shared media resource are disclosed. One embodiment includes an edge device adapted to control the media resource based on content selection votes received from users in the shared space who transmit their votes to the edge device over a wide area communication network. In a particular example, a user can submit a vote via a mobile communication method such as text messaging. In another example, votes can be submitted by interacting with a web page or an email program. In another aspect, the edge device tallies the votes and, based on a configuration setting that defines a voting policy, the edge device controls a content selection of the media resource. In another example, the edge device can also receive input from one more local remote control devices that communicate directly with the edge device such as, for example, a standard infrared remote control unit. Depending on a configuration setting, communications from such units may be treated as votes or may override votes received to control the device directly. In another aspect a server coupled to the wide area network is adapted to receive and authenticate vote messages from users in the shared space and provide corresponding vote commands to the edge device. In a particular aspect, authenticating the vote messages includes use of a code that is displayed on the edge device such that a user in the shared space must include the code with the vote message in order for the user's vote to be accounted for in determining a content selection of the shared resource. In a more particular aspect, the code is periodically changed via code updating commands sent from the server to the edge device. In another aspect, an administrative user can interact with the server over the wide area network to set up the edge device and to set or change configuration settings of the edge device. In some alternatives, votes can be tallied and content selection determined on the server rather than the edge device and then the server can send content selection commands for to the edge device for controlling the shared media resource.

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