Mixotrophic Algae for the Production of Algae Biofuel Feedstock on Wastewater

The disclosure encompasses, among other aspects, mixed algal populations able to survive and proliferate on culture media that have a high proportion of an industry wastewater. In particular, at least one strain of an alga in the algal population proliferates mixotrophically. Embodiments further encompass methods of cultivating mixed populations of freshwater and marine alga comprising a plurality of genera and species to provide a biomass from which may be extracted lipids, or converted into biodiesel by such procedures as pyrolysis. Lipid material extracted from the algae may be converted to biodiesel or other organic products. Native algal strains were isolated from industrial and in particular agricultural wastewater inoculated with mixed populations derived from environments exposed to such wastewater. Both fresh water and marine algae showed good growth in wastewaters.; About 65% of the algal oil obtained from the algal consortium cultured on an industry wastewater could be converted into biodiesel.

WO 2,010,123,848


Type of Offer: Licensing

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