Plant Production and Delivery System for Recombinant Proteins As Protein-flour Or Protein-oil Compositions

The present invention relates to a plant flour material comprising a ground, dried plant material, wherein the plant material contains a recombinant protein comprises a bactericidal or an insecticidal protein toxin, or combinations thereof. The present invention further relates to a seed oil body composition comprising a seed oil body fusion, said oil body fusion comprising an oil body protein fused to a recombinant protein comprising a bactericidal or an insecticidal protein toxin. The present invention provides for a method of abating or controlling the population of mosquitoes comprising administering to a water source suspected of containing mosquito larvae an effective amount of seed oil body preparation comprising one or more Bti toxins, optionally in combination with one or more BtBs.; Additionally, the present invention provides for a method of controlling or abating a pathogenic microbial population comprising administering to an insect population, which serves as a host for the pathogenic microbial population, a recombinant plant material containing a recombinant protein comprising an bactericidal protein toxin.

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WO 2,009,108,180


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