Active Cooling System for LED Fixtures/ Electronics

MP Lighting's patented Active Cooling System (ACS) uses a thermal sensor, known as an NTC Thermistor Array, to detect changes in temperature and control speeds of a cooling fan. The system helps to regulate airflow through high-watt LED fixtures and other electronics, ensuring that the product operates at an optimal temperature. The addition of cool air can increases a fixture's efficiency by up to 30%.

The NTC Thermistor Array is thermally attached to the heat sink and will detect changes in temperature. As the temperature increases or decreases, the resistance of the NTC Thermistor Array will adjust accordingly. The speed of the cooling fan will increase or decrease based on this resistance as the array is connected to the power line of the fan. The fan draws cool air in and forces hot air out until it has reached a stable temperature.

The NTC Thermistor Array and cooling fan function as a control loop. The simple design and technology of the system allows the NTC Thermistor Array to directly control the speed of the cooling fan based on the negative feedback from the NTC Thermistor Array. The ACS requires no additional electronic parts or power supply to operate.

US 8,070,324 issued 2011-12-06
CA 2,770,394 issued 2012-04-04
DE 112,009,001,839 issued 2011-03-03
JP 2,011,520,291 issued 2011-06-06

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