Dish Drying Rack System

I have patented a Dish Drying Rack System that can be incorporated into existing kitchens or fitted into new ones. The System would allow you to pull up the grid-like metal mechanism and snap it into position to use when drying dishes and then released and folded back down into place under the counter or alternatively the system can be built into the bottom basin of the second kitchen sink. This system frees up counter space and cupboard space .The Dish Rack is especially useful if used in a camper,motorhome or boat with a galley.These are compact spaces where a utility such as this can serve dual purposes,. They can be folded down or suspended below grade under the counter or under the sink floor basin.
In a moving vehicle the rack supplies stability as well as a drying facillity. The System could easily fit into new ,existing or remodeled kitchens acting as a hotplate for hot items and of course its original purpose of holding drying dishes.It is retractable and releases counter space and can be added to attaching metal sink drain boards .

US 7,207,074

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