Tube Cleaning Apparatus

This essentially magnetic device is foremost intended for use with tubing in fish-tanks. Algae, natural waste and food debris all combine to deprive fish of life-sustaining oxygen.

In a healthy aquatic environment with waters replenished, filters rinsed, oxigen levels maintained - fish may thrive. Contrariwise, fail to achieve the above and your pump will soon grind to a halt. Result, "dead fish!"

Brushes often don't reach, or have to be re-inserted. The magnetic device does facilitate tube cleaning by means of thorough systematic action. After introducing the relevant part-device into the tubing and closing the enshrining housing, mere handling will initiate cleaning by means of polarity. Simple to and fro action, including twisting, without forcing, will lead to repeated and desired cleaning.

This is the necessary device to stop consumers from dumping tubing, as it would be easier to buy new flex. The implications are concerning the environment and fish-stocks. One is wastage of oil products and the second is that of consumer management of the latter.

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GB 2,452,933 issued 2012-04-25

Type of Offer: Sale or Licensing

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